Furrowed sound is a research project exploring signal inscription (record cutting) in a range of contexts as part of a practice based PhD.

The name was inspired by Pierre Schaeffer’s descriptions of sillon fermé (trans. closed furrows) in musique concrete practice. I really liked the idea that sound could be ‘planted’ in a record and that it was being ‘ploughed’ into the material.

The project will offer development of, and thoughts on, technologies, technique, performance, composition and sound art practices relating to disc-based phonography and work relating to the above will feature heavily.

Dylan Beattie is a teaching fellow and PhD student in musical composition at the University of Sussex. His practice explores the use of antiquated recording technologies situated in new creative contexts including composition, performance and installation. As a producer and engineer he is interested in the creative potential offered by intersecting traditional studio practice with open source technologies, coding and mechanical recording.